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Barcode Scanner</br>Aimer Plugin
Mobile apps need to be increasingly more engaging to succeed. Manatee Works can help. Our mobile barcode scanner SDK is available on all major mobile development platforms.

The Aimer Plugin for the Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK empowers developers and their application users to take control of the scanning process. Specifically designed to work with smartphones and an aiming device like the Manatee Works StingRay Aimer, this software add-on is full of features. When dedicated scanner functionality is a "must" in your working environment, leave it to Manatee Works to deliver.

Customized Capture Control

Once integrated into a mobile app, all Aimer Plugin options can be configured programmatically by the developer, or manually by the end-user. For example, barcode capture, or decode control options can be specified in the Capture Mode. Barcode capture can scan continuously until a trigger is deselected, or terminate automatically after a successful scan. A Capture Mode toggle button is also available on the Aimer Toolbar.

Customized Scanning Control

Barcode capture triggering can be specified in the plugin's Scanner Control configuration. Here, initiating the barcode scanner can be controlled automatically, initiated by a soft or hard trigger button, or initiated after hovering the camera over a barcode for a specified delay or period of time.

Delay duration is specified in the Delay Control. The StingRay logo on the Aimer Toolbar serves as the soft trigger, while the phone volume buttons can serve as hard triggers.

Customized Aimer Control

The Aimer Plugin allows the developer or user to dictate when the aimer should be activated using the Aimer Control options. The aimer can be activated simultaneously as barcode captures, or controlled separately from capture triggering.

Here again, a Aimer Control toggle button is also available on the Aimer Toolbar allowing simple control by the end-user.

Aimer Toolbar Options

The Aimer Plugin allows the developer or user to manipulate the size, location, and state of the Aimer Toolbar. Minimize/maximize the Aimer Toolbar, pick a screen location, or resize the soft-button StingRay logo, each of these features help find the best placement for each application use case.