Boone, NC, August 14, 2014 – Manatee Works, Inc., the leading provider of scalable, high-performing barcode scanning integration, today announced its Barcode Scanner SDK has been selected by GS1 Germany GmbH for integration into their fTRACE mobile application.

By incorporating the Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK into its application, consumers worldwide can quickly and securely scan barcodes on their favorite perishable and CPG products to discover the origins of their fruits, vegetables, poultry, and more.

Once the consumer scans a barcode, they can quickly see individualized product data, including growing conditions, quality control measures, allergy and nutrition specifications, and sourcing information. Integrating Manatee Works’ SDK makes the scanning and data serving process more fluid and streamlined, meaning the consumer can access the data that matters most to them in an instant and, thereby enabling them to make an informed purchase decision.

“We are excited to support GS1 Germany’s consumer safety efforts and believe our Barcode Scanner SDK will mean greater capabilities and transparency for the consumer, making it easier than ever for them to know the exact conditions under which their favorite apples grew or snacks were created,” said Jim Stein, Founder and CEO, Manatee Works.

The fTRACE mobile application, with Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK capabilities, is now available for iOS and Android users in Google Play and the App Store in Germany.

New SDK capabilities will allow consumers to easily track product origination.
GS1 Germany GmbH integrates Manatee Works' SDK into its fTRACE Application
GS1 Germany GmbH integrates Manatee Works' SDK into its fTRACE Application
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