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Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK




Decoder changes:

  • AAMVA Parser - Repaired minor faults
  • Android - Activity strong reference correction
  • Aztec Code - Support for curved barcodes
  • Code 25 - Reduced false reads
  • QR Code - Improved reading of 48x48 size barcodes
  • QR Code - Improved mirrored/flipped performance
  • PDF417 - Improved performance scanning deformed/imperfect codes
  • UPC - Added E1 subtype support (disabled by default)
  • iOS Sample Project - Added gallery scanning support




Decoder changes:

  • Dotted Data Matrix support added
  • PDF417 decoding updates
  • Added Matrix 2of5, Coop 2of5 and Inverted 2of5 subtypes for Code 25 decoding
  • Dotcode GS1 and symbology identifier support introduction
  • Dotcode GS1 parser introduction
  • Data Matrix & PDF417 various leaks fixes
  • Data Matrix fix for size 144x144
  • Maxi Code decoding support added
  • Added device model/manufacturer binding for keys
  • Optimization of equalize illumination function
  • Some Code 25 false detection fixes
  • Micro QR decoding support added to the standard QR Code decoder
  • Postal Code recognition support added: Postnet, Planet, IMB, Royal mail
  • QR Kanji decoding support added to the standard QR Code decoder
  • UPS parser introduction



New Features/Performance Improvements

  • The registration functions have been revamped. License credentials issued prior to version 3.0 will no longer work with this and future releases.

    The old function for registration call was:

     “MWB_registerCode(BARCODE_MASK, "username", "key")”

    Now a new function for registration calls has been implemented containing only a variable for a license key, discontinuing the need for “username”:



  • UPC/EAN decoder options now support a flag to disable add-on scanning
  • UPC/EAN decoder now supports enabling certain subtypes recognition
  • A function was added to prevent duplicate barcode detection within a given time period
  • Barcode location support has been implemented for 1D barcodes (Codabar, Code 25, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN & UPC) - activated as follows:



  • A module size calculator has been implemented for the following barcode symbologies: Codabar, Code 25, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN & UPC, and all 2D types
  • Parser and Analytics plugin libraries were merged into the Barcode Scanner SDK library
  • PDF417 decoding is improved for damage resistance making it easier to scan damaged codes
  • Rectangular Data Matrix codes with DMRE extension are now supported
  • Better recognition of Code 39 stop pattern
  • Continuous Scanning implemented for Phonegap (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8+)
  • Continuous Scanning implemented for Xamarin (Android, iOS)
  • Scanner In View implemented for Phonegap (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8+)
  • Introduced Xamarin MonoTouch.Dialog sample in the respective Xamarin package
SDK Changelog
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