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Mobile apps need to be increasingly more engaging to succeed. Manatee Works can help. Our mobile barcode scanner SDK is available on all major mobile development platforms.


Portable, solar power


We engineer confidence.

The confidence to make your mobile world truly mobile. It starts with protection, but never ends there. Technology enhances your life and helps you do more. We enhance your technology and help it survive your life.

Our products protect what matters most at every turn — to safeguard your limitless possibilities. But it’s more than just your device, we protect what matters most to you — your treasured memories and your peace of mind. OtterBox engineers confidence by protecting your mobile world.


iFormBuilder is a universal, cloud based mobile data collection platform helping customers around the globe collect data on their mobile devices. Here at iFormBuilder, we believe “Knowledge is Gathered.” The iFormBuilder Mobile Platform offers companies, universities, non-governmental organizations and government agencies the ability to build robust and flexible forms, maintain unmatched security on mobile devices and collect data with or without an Internet connection.


With a wide range of custom designed products, we offer the solutions you need to capture high quality content; wherever your adventures may take you.


We serve a diverse set of markets, including retail, hospitality, law enforcement, defense and transportation. With twenty patents in our portfolio, our technology makes it possible for our customers to enhance the awareness and safety of their facilities and people, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies.

Founded in 1994, Intellicheck has grown to serve dozens of Fortune 500 companies, major seaports, military bases, police departments and other government agencies.

Intellicheck is headquartered in Jericho, New York, with a West Coast office in Port Townsend, Washington. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE MKT exchange under the symbol IDN.

Vuzix Corporation

Vuzix Corporation is an award winning, leading developer and supplier of smart glasses and video eyewear products in the consumer, enterprise and industrial markets.