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Mobile apps need to be increasingly more engaging to succeed. Manatee Works can help. Our mobile barcode scanner SDK is available on all major mobile development platforms.


Vuzix designs and manufactures wearable display devices that are worn like eyeglasses and feature built-in video screens for viewing and interacting with video and digital content, including movies, video games, computer data, and the Internet.

Manatee Works has partnered with Vuzix to enable fast and reliable development of hands-free barcode-scanning applications using the Barcode Scanner SDK.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass is a voice-controlled device that is worn like eyeglasses and displays information directly into the user's field of vision. It features a camera, microphone, touchpad, speakers, bluetooth, and wifi integration.

Manatee Works has integrated the Barcode Scanner SDK into the Glass platform, and our sample Glass barcode-scanning app is still available for download from our Developer Network.

While Google has discontinued its first-generation device, we look forward to the next generation of Glass to further empower hands-free wearable applications.